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Beginners guide to setting up Gas & Electricity: EDF Energy

Gas & Electricity... an essential for your home! As you know by now, when moving home there are a few essential things that must be sorted. One of these is to set up your gas and electricity.

EDF Energy are one the largest gas and electricity providers in the UK, and their best deals come directly from their website. Click here to navigate to their website and get a quote TODAY!

Step by step process:

  1. Click here to get to the EDF homepage.

  2. Go to the left of the page and click 'your home'

  3. To get a quick quote select 'get a quote'

  4. Simply enter your address and a few property details and have a quote sent directly to your email!

EDF Energy are helpful for newbies to the house buying world- like us! They have help and support on their website with your bills and payments, smart meter guidance, and other questions you may want to ask- such as future changes in a tariff or plans to move home! We have had a successful experience so far setting up our gas and electric with EDF Energy and want the same for you too!

Yours Sincerely,

Sean & Phoebe

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