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Welcome To Our World

Hello! We are Sean & Phoebe, a young couple who in lockdown, decided to put our opportunity to save money to good use, and buy our very first home! We were driving around Northumberland one day and spotted a Persimmon Homes sign for a new plot development in Amble, Northumberland. We thought, this is perfect! With the new Help to Buy government scheme just launching, we were in the perfect position to get ourselves onto the property ladder. A few months later, and here we are! Plot reserved, Mortgage offered, and awaiting our very exciting completion date. Since coming across so many brand new things on our journey into true adulthood so to speak, we wanted to create a safe space to give you all of our tips and tricks to planning your first house purchase, and identify any hurdles you may come across and should plan for! We hope you enjoy our blog, and join us on our exciting adventure :)

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